The Generational Grapevine

A 5-Day Marketing Masterclass To Distinguish Your Okanagan Winery As A Millennial & Gen Z Destination, Maximize Your Digital Strategies, And Attract Wine Lovers From Across The Globe

(All While Learning How To Transform Your Online Engagement Into Actual Wine Sales)

The Generational Grapevine

Ready to welcome a new generation of wine enthusiasts?

—> Immerse yourself in 5 days of tailored techniques designed to help your winery stand out to the fastest growing demographic of wine consumers.—> Discover how to turn your digital platforms into a one-directional force, leading online visitors straight from their screens to your tasting room.—> Leverage the growing power of digital tools to uphold and broadcast the proud tradition of Okanagan Valley viticulture, inviting a new era of BC wine supporters.

This free Masterclass gives you everything you need to mesmerize Millennial & Gen Z wine lovers from near and far

Written by Scotty Wilson, founder of ScootyDub Content Co. — A premium digital marketing operation dedicated to growing the BC VQA wine industry in the Okanagan Valley.- 50 Okanagan wineries & vineyards audited
- 10 years working with Okanagan wines
- 5 years building brands with ScootyDub Content Co.

"The Generational Grapevine will change the way you think about wine marketing. It's modern marketing for a modern audience."

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Here's an overview of your next 5 days:

Day 1 - Uncorking The Bottle: Understanding The Motivations Of Millennial And Gen Z Consumers For Okanagan WineriesDay 2 - Avoiding Sour Grapes: Marketing Mistakes Too Many Okanagan Wineries Make (And Easy-To-Apply Corrections)Day 3 - From Vine To Barrel: 5 Simple Steps For Okanagan Wineries To Attract Younger Wine LoversDay 4 - The New Vintage: How To Align Your Okanagan Winery With Millennial and Gen Z Values (Without Compromising Your Unique Brand)Day 5 - Aging Like Fine Wine: Best Practices For Okanagan Wineries To Keep Evolving (While Building a Lasting Legacy for Future Generations)

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The Generational Grapevine

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